I can’t install my theme, it’s said missing “style.css”

It is because you imported the wrong file. Please extract the downloaded package and install the theme file inside.

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    Orit Damti Frairaich

    Hi. Be sure when you try to upload new theme, that you upload a zipped file. I tried to upload few files ... and wastes 3 houres on it.  when I upload it zipped and closed and than extract all in the Wordpress deshboard - it worked. 


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    I'm having the same issue. I tried to upload the zipped file that I downloaded, but it didn't work...

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    Frank Troglauer

    Agreed, this doesn't work. 

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    Dinh Van Kim



    The download file consists of not only theme but also document and demo data. You need to extract the file and get theme file inside to upload.



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    Frank Troglauer

    To make it clearer you should really have a main readme.txt file at the top most level that points down to the level users should go to. I still was never able to use the Word Press upload feature. I was able to upload, unzip and manually activate it.

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    Edmundo Romero Zegarra

    no puedo instalar vota este mensaje 

    El paquete no pudo ser instalado. El tema no tiene la hoja de estilos style.css

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