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If any question or problem has arisen during the process of using our items, we are pleased to offer two main methods for getting supports as follows:

  • Community forum: This kind of support is provided to everyone who uses our both free and premium products. Apart from using the forum of our website, you can also post discussions, read and receive responses from other members on the forum of website where we upload our products for free. We endeavour to answer in the forum but there is not any commitment about response time.
  • Support Tickets: We provide support tickets for the clients who purchased our products. To get our support ticket service, you must provide us purchased order code and your user name as well as the product you purchased. On weekdays we will respond within 12-24 hours to support tickets if there is any problem to solve or bug to fix. We will do so within 72 hours after our initial response.
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    Hello! On, under editor's choice in the right side all the gadgets not working - ROW 8...I don't know what is happening, because it worked... one day i saw it is not be displayed...i deleted them, i tried to put them again, but no results

    the gallery of the articles not woking anymore (Single gallery 1 slide) ...i can't use it and i can't modify the oldest articles...i can't select more than a picture ... 

    i can't see the picture in the gallery when i want to modify, worked, but now it is not working anymore



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    Hello! I am still waiting for your answers..thanks

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    Hello, i have submit two tickets but i don't know where to see the answers. Can you tell me please where can i see the answers?


    Thank you

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